2019 Workshops

Please note - Bespoke Group workshops and 1: 1 workshops also available. 

Scapa Fest 2019

Saturday,May 4th 2019

I am delighted to have been asked back to deliver a ChiWalking workshop for Scapa Fest this year. In this 3 hour workshop we will be looking at: 

·         Awareness of your feet and the messages they are sending or not sending to the rest of your body

·         How adjusting your posture creates alignment, balance, flow and grounding (both physically and emotionally)

·         Awareness of your pelvis and core

·         The body’s relationship with the ground

·         How a whole-body approach to walking creates efficiency, lightness and ease

·         How walking at different speeds and on different terrains can be used for mindfulness walking and fitness

·         Needle in cotton, body sensing, gradual progression

More information can be found at Scapa Fest






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