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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to learn to walk?

As we get older, many of us tend to develop sloppy postures. This is not helped by the amount of time we spend sitting at a desk, driving or in front of the tv. Before we know it, we have developed a poor posture and this in turn has an effect on our walking (and running).chiwalking group, tarbert

Learning good walking form with ChiWalking can prevent a whole host of problems such as back pain, knee pain, hip pain, fatigue etc. And of course, walking is a good way to get and keep active. Walking also helps prevent conditions such as arthritis. ChiWalking uses elements of T'ai Chi and Yoga which have been shown to improve balance, strength and improve cognition. By learning good form you can walk more efficiently and with less wear and tear on the body. It should be remembered, however, that ChiWalking is not an overnight fix, but takes practice, focus and commitment.

Remember Wu Wei - strive less, practice more.

Who is ChiWalking for?

ChiWalking is for anyone - whether you are already an active person or someone interested in becoming more active, an occasional walker or an avid hill climber!!  

Do you:

  • Want to start doing something active to get fitter, but do not want to go to the gym or be involved with an exercise class?
  • Want to start being more active but are recovering from an injury?
  • Want to find an exercise regime where you can enjoy being outdoors?
  • Enjoy walking but increasingly have developed aches and pains that are putting you off?
  • Enjoy walking but find hills hard on your hips, knees and breathing?
  • Already do various forms of exercise but would like to try something new?
  • Like the idea of fitness walking or walking meditation to compliment other activities in my life?
  • Like to try a new type of exercise and meet like-minded people?
  • Walk/Run – but want to make sure that your periods of walking are efficient, restorative and yet enhancing your running experience

‚ÄčWhat are the benefits of ChiWalking?

ChiWalking can benefit you on many different levels.  It can:

  • Improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles;
  • Relax tight and overused muscles;
  • Increase your cardio and aerobic capability;
  • Create physical and mental balance in your life;
  • Teach you how to focus and breathe well;
  • Teach you to develop a new relationship with your body;
  • Give you a tool box of new skills to deal with the stresses and strains of every day life.


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