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"Biddy is very patient, understanding and knowledgeable"

"I had the privilege of enjoying a half day ChiWalking workshop with the lovely Biddy Simpson owner of Past-Tracks Walking. I decided to find out more about ChiWalking because as a Yoga Teacher I appreciate the importance of correct posture, alignment and technique. So, the idea of “going back to the basics” and being aware of how our bodies respond to the pounding of our feet on the ground whilst walking (and running) makes complete sense to me. We walk to keep healthy, so, why not check that when we walk we are not putting strain on any areas that could already be damaged?  Bad habits can creep in over the years that we are not aware of, so, an MOT on our walking technique is an investment for our future health. Biddy is very patient, understanding and knowledgeable. The video and photos she produced of my walking technique before and after were very informative and helpful. I would recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to make sure they are exercising correctly whilst walking.  It is a safeguard for your future health. You will not be disappointed" Rae Bleasby (March 2018)

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"Just a note to thank you"

"Just a note to thank you for your interesting course in Chi Walking. I have been trying it for a week now,and I feel that my walking has improved my posture. I have been trying to reduce my stride length as per your advice,but I am sure it will be a learning process.I am instructing my wife in the process. Thank you once again. Regards, David Arthur (Irvine walking group March 2018)

"Biddy was an excellent teacher"

"The Chi walking experience was a really enjoyable day. Biddy was an excellent teacher, making us all feel at ease and passing on her knowledge of Chi walking in a relaxed but informative way. She regularly reassured us that if all the "pieces" did not fall into place immediately, we should not be disheartened but concentrate on one step at a time and build on it. For me, this was encouraging as the task becomes more achievable". Jennifer Brolly (October 2015)

"I would recommend this to anyone who does regular walking"

"I did the chi walking workshop with Biddy and I have to say it has transformed the way I walk. I used to always get hip pain when I walked I no longer get it having learnt the importance of body alignment and posture whilst walking. I would recommend this to anyone who does regular walking its eye opening" Jenny Buckley (January 2016)


"Thank you for today"

"I just want to say thank you for today, I really enjoyed my first day of ChiWalking! Especially the afternoon putting it into practice highly recommend!" Hannah Storie (February 2016).‚Äč

"I no longer have hip pain"

"Biddy's informative,easy to follow workshop has transformed the way I walk. I walk daily and suffered daily from hip pain whilst walking. Having learnt the importance of body alignment in chi walking I no longer have hip pain,which restricted the pleasure and distance of my walking. I would strongly recommend the chi walking workshop to anyone who walks or jogs regularly, especially if you have wee aches and pains when you're walking. It really is an eye opening course and Biddy has combined the perfect blend of theory and practical practise"  Jenny Buckley (November 2016)














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